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How to Be Young, Fabulous, and a Serial Entrepreneur with Brandon Chicotsky

Brandon Chicotsky is a serial entrepreneur whose company, Bald Logo, received national attention on The Steve Harvey Show and Ellen.
His company Bald Logo, uses bald heads to sell advertising space.

Here is the inside scoop on how to be young, fabulous, and a serial entrepreneur.

Q: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

A: Read everything you can about the space in which you’re working.  If you’re entering a new industry, immerse yourself in that space.  Become an expert and inundate yourself with insight, information, and tutelage wherever you can get it.

Q: Tell me more about your journey.

(From Bald Logo, to starting a consulting company, and now lecturing at the university level.)

A: Ever since age 11 (mowing lawns with my brother), I’ve been working in some capacity. I’ve had companies ever since age 18, and many of them have been total busts.  Each endeavor has been an excellent learning lesson.  Once financial freedom set in, I had come to enjoy academia enough to direct some of my ambition in that space.  I was awarded a lectureship as part of my Ph.D. package to continue research built from my Masters at NYU- which involved marketing methods for building viral campaigns.

Q: Why is becoming financially independent important to you?

A: Financial independence is a hallmark of freedom for entrepreneurs (or anyone, potentially).  Without debt payments (and with a much lower personal, monthly burn rate), you have the flexibility necessary to build ideas that may take time and independent development.

Q: What recommendations or tips do you have on how you’ve received national attention?

A: There are several basic approaches I recommend:

1. Strategic relationship building in the national media space.
2. Effective press release drafting, placement, and outreach.
3. Demographic and geo-targeting with online media.
4. Investing in peer-to-peer advertising (P2P).  This makes your “buzz” appear authentic, until it actually becomes so.
5. Manage growth by building and engaging an audience.

Well if anyone knows strategic relationship building, it’s for sure Brandon Chicotsky.
He served as the Southwest High School Student Body President the year before my term as President (Go Southwest Raiders!).  I had to follow in his footsteps and I still remember how much the entire staff- from the janitors to the principal just absolutely loved Brandon!  Check his website out at
Love Carly

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