My Plans to Celebrate Halloween this Year

Last year somehow Halloween came and went and I did nada to celebrate. No costume, no party, and worst yet… no candy.  I know, what in the world was I thinking?
I was busy.

Last week I spoke on campus with the TCU Neeley School of Business, my Longhorn burnt orange blood turned purple for the day!

 TCU Neeley School of Business- Carly Serna

It was a great experience and I really enjoyed sharing the story behind The Finance Plan.

Anyhow, although life is busy, I am determined this year to make plans to celebrate Halloween.

Life gets busy and sometimes having fun is what slips away first, when it is fun that you just might need the most. If you have not made plans for Halloween, but want a few last minute ways to celebrate, here are three ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

1. Make a Costume

This year whether you are staying home to give out candy, or having a party with friends, dressing up is what makes Halloween fun. I love making costumes with items I mostly already have around the house. In the past I transformed items from my closet into Audrey Hepburn, a Ninja Turtle, the Pink Panther, a Coke Bottle, Cat in the Hat, and a Spartan warrior. Here’s how to pull together a DIY costume.
2. Buy Candy

Even if you don’t have trick or treaters that come by, it is still fun to have your own candy stash. I will be hitting up a dollar store (one that has items that are actually only $1) to buy name brand candy for less than grocery store prices.

3. Decorate

While I’m at the dollar store, I also want to get my hands on some Halloween decorations. I want to find spider webs (yes childish I know). I’m on the hunt for a wreath holder and a fall wreath for my front door. For me, a front door wreath = “adulting” (the process of becoming an adult). A front door wreath is so simple, but so profound.
4. Get Pumpkins
I learned my lesson a few years ago that pumpkins rot incredibly fast, so this year I will buy pumpkins for display now, and then just a day or so before Halloween, carve the pumpkin. I love all things salty, so I will definitely rinse the pumpkin seeds, and roast them in the oven with salt. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, because it’s the one day that you can be anything in the world you want AND chocolate is involved. Talk about a win-win.
Hope you also make time to celebrate this fall,
Love Carly

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