How Kim Paid off $17,763 of Debt in a Year

How Kim Paid off $17,763 in Debt Last Year

Ah fresh starts! With a New Year, it feels like a chance to try again, and press the refresh button. But, do New Year’s resolutions really work? And, what’s really possible in a year?

Apparently a lot. Meet Kim.

Kim completed her Master’s in Architecture and is now a project Architect. Like 44 million other Americans, she financed her education through student loans and found herself not making progress towards paying off debt.

Last year she turned things around and paid off $17,763 in debt.

One of her student loans was scheduled to be paid off in 2030, but Kim decided paying off student loans by 2030 just wasn’t going to cut it. Her debt felt like a weight and it bothered her that a large chunk of her income was going towards debt, versus towards herself.

Being young she has a lot to look forward to in the future, like possibly marriage, house, and kids. Realizing all these milestones are expensive, she wanted to be payment-free long before then.

After reading books here and there on personal finance, she was looking for more of a roadmap and plan to tackle debt, “I never was a big spender, but I was never focused,” said Kim.

She enrolled in The Finance Plan’s Best Money Class Ever, “Going through the class really helped me understand where my money was going and what potential I had.”

From the class Kim learned how to become Chief Financial Officer and manage her money like a business. Her debt calculator from class mapped out a plan to become debt-free within 36 months.

The catch: she has to pay an extra $600 towards her debt each month.

She never imagined being able to pay more monthly towards debt, but after looking at where her money was going, she found that spending on the little things like haircuts, makeup products, nails, or clothes where adding up. By limiting what she was spending on flex (or variable) expenses each week, she worked her way up to paying $1,600 extra towards debt monthly. For 2017, her goal is to pay $1,000 extra towards debt every pay period ($2,000 a month) and she’s on track to be 100% debt-free in 14 months.

“It’s empowering, it really is empowering. I feel like I am just killing it! It’s exciting for me. I can’t wait until the next paycheck,” said Kim.

The verdict is in, it’s possible to make big grounds in a year.  Congrats Kim on your progress last year.

Happy New Year!

Love Carly

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