What I Learned From the CEO of Dell about Setting Goals

Ready to lose weight, get your dream job, or better yet become debt-free? Before you finalize your resolutions for the year, I want to share with you a quick story of what I learned about setting goals from talking to the CEO of Dell.

Yep, I had a one-on-one conversation with the CEO of Dell.
In college the McCombs School of Business brought in Kevin Rollins, the CEO of Dell to do a keynote.  Me being the eager little business gal that I am, attended and stayed after his presentation to meet him.  With a firm handshake I introduced myself and was ready for some solid advice. I admittedly am a worrier and I tend to stress out about EVERYTHING. I was curious how a CEO handles all of the stress and weight of managing a large corporation.
I asked, and his answer amazed me.
He said that when work is stressful he keeps grounded in two things: his faith and his family.  
He said that if all else fails with work or business he has what matters most.  He will always have a relationship with God and a loving family.  Ironically, not long after Kevin Rollins lost his position as CEO at Dell.  He likely will never have as prestigious of a job, but something tells me that he is doing just fine.
After talking to him, I changed my perspective on goals. I will always strive to improve my career, stay fit, and of course I will always have financial goals, but jobs, looks, and income will change over the course of your life. Your faith is always there and your family is with you until the end.  This year when making resolutions set resolutions with your faith and family.  Here is how I make these areas a priority.
Ceo Setting Goals

Christmas pic with my family and my man:)

1. Faith Resolutions
With your faith ask yourself, what do you believe in? Then, how do you want your faith to play out in your life? I make faith part of my life by doing a morning devotional while I eat breakfast. My favorite daily devotion is called Jesus Calling, check it out.  It gives short scripture readings daily and puts everything in perspective before I start my day.  I love it!

Our generation oddly is against organized religion, but that leaves me wondering if you are spiritual, but not religious where is the community? When there is a crisis where do the prayer requests go? When there is a victory or milestone in your life like a marriage, or birth don’t you want to be surrounded by a community of people who believe what you do? I make it a priority to be a part of a faith community by going to church on Sunday’s and being active in my church’s young adult group.

2.) Family Resolutions

Friends come and go… people move out of town, or lose touch (it is sad, but true!). Your family is always there, so this year make it a priority to maintain a good relationship with your family. Call your mom! I know some millennials talk to their parents everyday, but others go months without speaking. For me I usually talk to my parents a couple times a week, but I have designated Sunday’s as the bare minimum call-mom-day.

I do my best to maintain a good relationship with my family, and I also want to have a family of my own.  Our society tells females especially that you can have it all. The focus for young women has been on getting an education, and advancing your career.

No where along the way are we taught, “Hey if you want to fall in love, get married, and have your own family, you need to devote time to dating and looking for your partner.”  For other ‘Miss Independent’s’ out there, just as intentional you are with making it into a top school or building your career, if you want to have a family one day, devote time to dating and relationships!

Make this the year the best yet.  When you focus on your faith and family you build something that will never fade away, and will be the foundation for the rest of your life.

That’s what I learned from the CEO of Dell about setting goals.

Love Carly

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