Should you Pay off your Mortgage or Invest?

Should you Pay off Mortgage or Invest?

If you’re a homeowner you’ve probably wondered at some point if you should pay off your mortgage early or invest? Most Americans get a 30-year mortgage, but approximately 21 million Americans, or almost one in three, outright own their homes with no mortgage. Is that a smart move? Brendan, a past student from Best Money Class Ever, … Read more

How Kim Paid off $17,763 in Debt Last Year

How Kim Paid off $17,763 of Debt in a Year

Ah fresh starts! With a New Year, it feels like a chance to try again, and press the refresh button. But, do New Year’s resolutions really work? And, what’s really possible in a year? Apparently a lot. Meet Kim. Kim completed her Master’s in Architecture and is now a project Architect. Like 44 million other Americans, she … Read more