How to Overcome Rainy Days in Your Life

How to Overcome Rainy Days in Your Life

Life’s a lot like the weather: there are sunny days, droughts, rainfalls, extreme winds, or humidity. In life we all experience hardships or rainy days, especially with money. In my personal finance class Best Money Class Ever, I teach how to become Chief Financial Officer and run the business of you. Any business will encounter … Read more

Money Etiquette For Your Financial Life with Diane Gottsman

money etiquette diane gottsman

Please, thank you, and a solid handshake only scratch the surface when it comes to manners and proper etiquette. Being polite builds trust within your relationships, but we’re not always trained on having good manners when it comes to our finances. What’s the proper money etiquette to handle sticky situations in your financial life? I … Read more

3 Steps to Being Financially Prudent

virtue financially prudent

Are you being wise with how you manage your money? I recently served on a panel about finance and the virtue of prudence. Virtues can help guide your life and relationship with money. Greek philosopher Aristotle and theology uphold virtues as having a habitual and firm disposition to do good. Prudence, a virtue, is the ability … Read more