Baby I Was Born This Way: My Birth Story

My mom was sitting at the kitchen table balancing her bank account when her water broke and they rushed to the hospital.

I guess I was born for personal finance. 

 Like clockwork every year when my birthday rolls around my parents feel the need to retell my birth story. A few more highlights: the nurse freaked out that a doctor was not coming to the delivery room. She screamed through the phone, “WE NEED A DOCTOR IN HERE NOOOOWWWW!”
Once the doctor arrived and so did I, he announced, “Congratulations you have a healthy baby girl!”
My Birth Story: Baby I was Born This Way

That was a shocker to my parents, because those 1980s sonograms had predicted that I was going to be a boy.  I guess bad technology and a tied up umbilical cord (that looked like a boy part) were to blame for that.

I weighed 4 pounds and 10 ounces which is borderline premature. My parents had no girl baby clothes, or any baby clothes in general that were small enough. They dressed me to go home in their friend’s daughter’s cabbage patch doll dress.

Last highlight of my birth was at the time I was born, my dad was self-employed. Their health insurance policy did not cover the cost of delivery so I was a “cash baby.” My parents paid cash out of pocket for the delivery.

That set the tone for my adolescence and shaped who I am.

Fast forward to present time, during a speaking engagement, I was telling the story of how I learned to invest for my retirement as a teenager. Someone asked, “How in the world did you even know to invest then and what drove you to care about finance at such a young age?”

My response essentially was straight outta Lady Gaga’s hit song: Baby I was Born This Way.

We pick things up from our parents. Money isn’t really taught in schools so we are forced to look towards our social settings to learn.  This is called the Social Learning Theory that is created by Psychiatrist Albert Bandura.  The theory is that people learn and imitate through observation of others.

The Social Learning Theory in simple terms is: monkey see, monkey do.

I balance my bank account each month. To this day I go through line by line each transaction and make sure my records match up with the banks.
I now pay cash for big purchases.
It is true: I am my mother’s daughter.
Love Carly
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