3 Steps to Make DIY Costumes that Rock

steps to make DIY costumes

Here is a spooky fact: Americans are expected to spend almost $80 on Halloween costumes and over $8 billion total on costumes, candy, and decorations. The National Retailers Federation reports that, “when the economy is down, Halloween spending soars.” October 31st for one day you can escape it all. You can be anyone or anything … Read more

How to Love a Job you Currently Hate

how to love a job you hate

We are sexy and we know it, but too many young adults enter the workplace disappointed and frustrated with their jobs. How can you love a job you hate? Gen Y expert and author of Y-Size Your Business, Jason Dorsey, showed that millennials have high expectations after being told over and over that college is our … Read more

Is Wedding Season Busting your Budget?

weddings busting budget

Wedding Season: you have gotta love the dress, food, booze, and a night of dancing, but according to CNN the average cost of weddings in 2012 was $28,400. And thank you to the movie The Hangover for setting the bar with bachelor parties. No longer is a night out downtown sufficient. The weddingchannel.com estimates that … Read more