Easy Recipes Under $2.50

5 Easy Recipes under $2.50 Per Serving

Wowzer. It’s one month into the year 2019! Time flies, wasn’t it just yesterday we were all concerned about Y2K and computers crashing?! I hope the new year has brought a new beginning to your life. A year of growth!

If you’ve set new year’s resolutions to spend less, get out of debt, or stop eating out, but not made much progress. That’s ok! You can start again now with these 5 easy recipes that are under $2.50 per serving.

Roast Beef & Taters

Roast Beef & Taters The Finance Plan's Meal of the Week

This is the easiest recipe EVER. Seriously if you hate cooking, then try this recipe. You just dump the ingredients in a crock pot and you’re golden! Get the recipe here.

Easy Shepard’s Pie

Easy Shepard Pie

Anything that has potatoes, beef, and beans will not disappoint. Get this recipe here.

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Italian Sausage Spaghetti

Italian Sausage Spaghetti The Finance Plan's Meal of the Week

Spruce up classic spaghetti by adding Italian Sausage. This meal is perfect if you want something tasty and easy to make. Get this recipe here.

Tortellini with Bacon and Onion

Easy Recipe with Tortellini

This is another easy Italian dinner. Add a few extra ingredients to pre-made tortellini and your tummy will be satisfied. Get this recipe here.

Quickie Chicken Stir Fry

Instead of getting carry out, you can whip up this stir fry in no time for a fraction of the cost. Get this recipe here.

If you’ve been meaning to save money on food this year, I hope you use these five easy recipes under $2.50 per serving to save money!

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